American Water Summit 2014: Smashing Silos
American Water Summit: Smashing Silos Houston, Texas | October 23-24 2014



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American Water Summit 2014: Smashing Silos | Houston T.X. | October 23rd & 24th

Water Energy Strategy

American Water Summit Houston, TexasThe American Water Summit, now in its 5th year, is the only event in the water calendar that focuses entirely on the business of water in North America. The Summit brings together 400 top executives and thought leaders from the public and private sectors in a format that is geared toward maximum networking return as well as the discussion of cutting-edge ideas.

The Summit will be attended by a wide range of industry stakeholders, including public and private utilities, consulting engineers, contractors, water technology and service companies, industrial water users, banks, investment funds, oil & gas and power generation companies and state and federal government agencies. 2014 Summit will have a strong energy focus in keeping with the times and reflecting the fact that the host city is the Energy Capital of the world. 

This Year's Objective: Smashing Silos

There is a lot happening in water: right across the economy from the drillers upstream to the water department in city hall and the corner office on Wall Street. Businesses, local governments, utilities, investors, the oil and gas industry, everyone is affected. But everyone sees it from a different, usually threatening perspective. That is the nature of the silos we live in. Water utilities, the financial sector, energy companies, technology companies, cities are all facing separate water related challenges, which make it difficult for them to perceive that taken together the challenges represent a huge opportunity for change and for value creation. That is the thinking behind this year’s American Water Summit: Smashing Silos. We are bringing together top leaders and experts from water, energy technology, cities and finance to see what a difference we can make.

Why Houston in 2014?

Although the epicenter of the drought may have moved west, Texas is still ground zero for many of the challenges that North America faces in terms of water and its role in the economy. Located between Bush International Airport and Texas’ “Energy Corridor,” the OMNI Galleria hotel and conference center is perfectly positioned to bring water leaders to the table with Big Energy.

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American Water Summit, Smashing Silos