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American Water Summit 2019

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Crafting America's Water Future

The 2018 American Water Summit came at a crucial moment. The American water sector is riding high with investment growth at its highest level for more than a decade. A strong economy and continued support for key federal funding programs have helped drive demand for new technologies and infrastructure. But what is next? This is the question that top executives in the water industry – public and private – have on their mind as they enjoy this unexpected moment of sunshine. It is also the reason why they took part in the 2018 American Water Summit in Philadelphia: to get answers.

Each year the Summit brings together C-suite executives from across the industry to talk frankly about money and water, and how the two combine with innovation and leadership to create strategy. This makes it a unique event in the North American industry. AWS is a space where the decision makers and thought leaders join the dialogue that will shape water’s future. It is a compelling discussion for all of the industry’s key participants: utilities leaders, engineers, technology suppliers, service providers, and investors.

This year’s edition was particularly urgent. The systems that have worked for the North American water industry for the past 40 years are looking more vulnerable than ever: at the same time the opportunities in change are looking brighter than ever.

The 300+ attendees at the Summit heard from the key players and brightest minds in the water sector, striving to answer all of the questions and concerns for executives from all corners of the industry.



Breakout strands took place over the two days of the event, covering key topics in the American water market.

Finance & Strategy

The financial systems that underpin the American water sector are poised for change. This session strand navigates the new business and investment models that will define the industry in the years to come.

Show Sessions

1. Financing Water After the Great Recession of 2020

2. Creating the Future of Finance

3. What Do Investors Want from Water?

4. Totex Thinking

CTO Forum

Crafting America’s water future requires more than just technological innovation, it requires a 360-degree approach that engages end-users, solutions providers and key stakeholders. These sessions uncover the opportunities for forward-thinkers as the sector responds to its greatest challenges.

Show Sessions

1. CTO Panel

2. America’s Toughest Wastewater Challenges

3. What Does a Great Water Future Look Like?

4. The New Economics of the Regulatory Frontier

Water Leaders Strand

This strand showcases the utility-led innovation which is recasting the water sector from the ground up, beginning with the inauguration of new members into the Leading Utilities of the World initiative.

Show Sessions

1. Inducting New LUOW Members

2. Leadership Roundtables

3. Adaptive Infrastructure: Paths to Preparedness

4. Uninvented Technologies

Download the AWS agenda brochure to find out more


The American Water Summit brings together the highest levels of the water sector in North America. Attending this conference will provide you with unrivaled access to thought leaders in both the public and private sectors through interactive sessions, roundtable discussions, and dedicated One-2-One Meetings throughout the conference.


Insight leaders from across the industry chair tightly focused roundtable discussions addressing the “Most Pressing Questions for America’s Water Future”. Every delegate will be able to participate in four 20-minute discussion groups in which they can lend their expertise to drive the discussion or quietly absorb the exchanges between the sharpest minds in the business.

One-2-One Meetings

Every registered delegate is added to our One-2-One Networking platform, a space where attendees can arrange intimate, face-to-face meetings well in advance of the conference to form new partnerships, strike pivotal deals, or maintain existing relationships. Delegates use this platform to ensure their ROI and shake the hands they need to shake.


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The American Water Summit 2018 took place in the Loews Philadelphia Hotel – the nation’s first skyscraper – which combines living history with warm sophistication. Located in the heart of the City Center, the venue is steps away from historic attractions.


Global Water Leaders Group

The Global Water Leaders Group brings together the CEOs of water utilities and agencies to address the world’s water issues.

Global Water Intelligence

For 15 years Global Water Intelligence (GWI) has been helping clients make the most informed strategic decisions by providing expert-led publications, newsletters, databases and market research reports. Over the years, we have acquired an expert team of researchers and journalists with backgrounds in finance, economics, water and technology who are extremely well-connected.

Leading Utilities of the World

Leading Utilities of the World (LUOW) is a network of the world’s most forward-thinking water and wastewater utilities, as defined by the network’s 14 distinct innovation areas. Its members represent the gold standard of utility innovation and performance throughout the developed world’s water sector.