Day Two

October 26, 2018




CEOs Panel

A new kind of thought leadership is emerging as the North American water industry adapts to rising interest rates, rising raw materials prices, and rising client sophistication. Our panel of CEOs are helping to shape the future by driving change to address the needs of a rising population, unpredictable weather patterns, and an increasingly data-driven economy.


Andrew D. Seidel, UGSI Solutions, Inc.


Cindy Wallis-Lage, Black & Veatch

Allan Connolly, Aclara


Networking & Coffee Break


What Do Investors Want from Water?

Ultimately, we are all in the business of creating value, but who really understands where value lies in the water sector? In this session we invite four major water investors to critique the strategies of four different kinds of water companies. What do they want from water, and how can we deliver more of those valuable qualities?


Deane Dray, RBC Capital Markets


Brian Chin, American Water

What Does a Great Water Future Look Like?

It is difficult to have a strategy if you don’t know what you are aiming for, but no one in the water industry seems clear of the metrics of success. In this round table workshop session, we look at the components of a great American water sector and the innovations that will be needed to get us there.

Adaptive Infrastructure: Paths to Preparedness

Water utilities are facing operational threats like never before. From historic flooding and droughts to targeted cyber attacks, cities are beginning to rethink their physical and digital infrastructure to prepare for new extremes. Discover how private companies and utilities can collaborate to adopt innovative stormwater management approaches, water reuse and desalination projects, and front line cybersecurity initiatives.


Matt Ries, DC Water


One-2-One Networking & Coffee Break

The One-2-One Networking Sessions are designed to secure valuable face time with any registered delegate.

One-2-One Networking provides an intimate setting for you to shake hands and strike pivotal deals.


Totex Thinking

Perhaps the biggest opportunity for squeezing further efficiencies out of the American water sector is in optimizing procurement between capex and opex. In the UK they call it Totex thinking: the idea that taking separate accounts of profit & loss spending and balance sheet investment ultimately adds to the customer’s bill. Instead the focus is on managing risks right down the supply chain to minimize the overall cost to the customer. How can American utilities further optimize their spending to keep rates down?


Pete Perciavalle, Stantec

Uninvented Technologies

The needs of municipal end-users and the solutions provided by their private sector counterparts are still far from being reconciled. Chaired by Booky Oren, this session gathers a group of innovative utility leaders to discuss how technological solutions may be developed to meet their long-standing operational and capital challenges.


Booky Oren, Booky Oren Global Water Technologies


Robert R. Puente, San Antonio Water System

Erin Mahoney, The Regional Municipality of York

Jeffrey Kightlinger, Metropolitan Water District of Southern California




Closing Panel