Day Two

November 30, 2017



Day 2 Plenary: The CEOs Panel

The private sector is having to respond rapidly as disruptive technologies and shifting spending habits alter the dynamics of the American water sector. Leading decision makers share their perspectives on key market trends and how they are adapting their businesses to stay ahead of the curve.


Ian Elkins, Global Water Intelligence



Coffee & Networking Break


Emerging Opportunities Strand

Industrial Water Security in Texas

From recovering onshore oil & gas activity to a burgeoning tech sector, Texas continues to be a boon for industrial activity, yet this rapid growth is placing additional strain on the state’s volatile water supplies. In order to mitigate water security risks and avoid competition with municipal needs, industrial users are increasingly looking to alternative water sourcing strategies such as wastewater reuse and seawater desalination. What are the opportunities in this rapidly evolving market?

Opening Remarks

Bech Bruun, Texas Water Development Board


Paul Choules, Water Cycle LLC

  • Doris Cooksey, CPS Energy
  • Bob Paulison, Port Industries of Corpus Christi

The CTO Forum

CTOs Panel

In a lively debate, Chief Technology Officers from companies across the water value chain ponder the role that technologies will play in transforming the American water sector and what the R&D strategy of the future should look like.


Hu Fleming, Anglo American


Leading Utilities of the World

Case Studies in Partnership

Five private sector representatives co-present successful case studies with their public sector partners follow by questions from the Advisory Board. What can we all learn from headline successes, and how can they be emulated? By leading earnest discussions about needs and solutions, the Leading Utilities of the World Innovation Network will establish greater understanding between all stakeholders about the best steps to achieve optimum utility sector performance.

Speakers Posted Soon





Closing Session

Uninvented Technologies

A wide gulf of needs exists between municipalities and the technology providers who would serve them. By assembling leaders from top tier utilities to discuss bridging their technology gaps, existing suppliers and innovators can begin to meet longstanding demand. With the voices of the customer—the utilities—under the spotlight, tech suppliers gain valuable access to the roadmap to solving the most difficult challenges facing the municipal sector.

World-renowned technology implementation specialist Booky Oren chairs this must-attend session.


Jim Lochhead, Denver Water