Day One

November 29, 2017



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Networking Breakfast


Opening Plenary: Proactive Partnerships

As the American water sector responds to new federal infrastructure initiatives and the recovery of key industrial end-markets, leading public and private representatives will discuss the opportunities for private sector involvement and technological innovation across three session strands:

Emerging Opportunities

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From renewed activity in key industrial segments to increased federal support for the deployment of private capital, this strand will highlight the changes sweeping the American water sector and the opportunities emerging as a result.

The CTO Forum

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Informed by GWI’s Chief Technology Officer section, this strand will harness the insight of industry experts to discuss the opportunities for technology innovation in the American water sector, including the disruptive potential of digital water solutions.

Leading Utilities of the World

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A truly visionary conversation on utility innovation requires the world’s operational thought-leaders. The Leading Utilities of the World is a network of premier water service providers dedicated to fostering a truly innovative culture at utilities worldwide. Periodically, LUOW inducts new member utilities, each of whom represents the gold standard of utility innovation and performance. Sit in on this inspiring strand and see what it takes to join the Leading Utilities of the World.


Networking & Coffee Break


Roundtables Session

Connect with like-minded people and join in stimulating discussions at our tightly focused round tables. After brief introductions, pre-eminent thought leaders will guide their groups in discourse on new trends in the water space, breakthroughs in technology and project delivery, practical water data analysis, reuse and recycling, securing and deploying private finance, partnering for public benefit, and much more.

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Trevor Hill, FATHOM

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One-2-One Networking Session/Networking & Coffee Break

The One-2-One Networking Sessions are designed to secure valuable face time with any registered delegate.

One-2-Ones provide an intimate setting for you to shake hands and strike pivotal deals.

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Emerging Opportunities Strand

Politics and Private Finance: Water’s New Deal?

The US federal administration is proposing a radical rethinking of infrastructure investment which will be underpinned by private capital. With the private sector eagerly waiting in the wings, the onus will be on federal and state agencies to create the necessary framework to support these untapped dollars. Will this new landscape revolutionize the US water sector?

Speakers Posted Soon


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The CTO Forum

Smart Water, Smarter Spending

Utilities face growing pressure on their capital budgets, forcing them to find creative ways to meet their operating needs. To reduce capital and operating expenditures, municipal leaders are turning to digital solutions to prolong asset lifespans, reduce non-revenue water and avoid huge sewer system upgrades. A panel of utilities and their private sector partners discuss the compelling business cases for such solutions and how the returns on investment are being realized in increasingly shorter timeframes.


Raja Kadiyala, CH2M


David Stanton, SUEZ in North America

Leading Utilities of the World

New LUOW Member Presentations

The Leading Utilities of the World expands with the initiation of a fresh group of international utilities. Each utility presents their parameters for innovation, lists their achievements over the past 5 years, and lays out their objectives for the coming years. The group’s advisory board oversee presentations by inductees before beginning Q&A. See what it takes for a utility to join ranks with the best in the world.

Chaired by Howard Neukrug, this session features LUOW board members from the following utilities:

Show Board Members

  • DC Water
  • City of Kitakyushu
  • Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District
  • PUB, Singapore
  • Waternet
  • Water Corporation

New Members
  • Raveen Jaduram, Watercare, New Zealand


One-2-One Networking Session/Networking & Coffee Break

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Emerging Opportunities Strand

Non-Core Operations: Fertile Ground For Utility Outsourcing

As heightened scrutiny drives utilities to double down on their core water and wastewater responsibilities, the opportunity to free up resources by restructuring or offloading ancillary activities—such as biosolids and stormwater management—is becoming increasingly attractive. A selection of forward-thinking utilities and companies introduce their innovative solutions and business models, from green infrastructure to resource recovery, designed to reduce operational burdens while meeting environmental and regulatory responsibilities. How can these proactive partnerships be replicated?



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The CTO Forum

Tech Idol: Pioneering Potable Reuse

Contestants pitch new technologies to a panel of industry experts for a chance to win the coveted Tech Idol Award and claim bragging rights for 2018. Each presenter will undergo a series of rapid-fire questions while audience members join the discussion and vote on the most innovative technology.



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Leading Utilities of the World

Advisory Board Roundtables

In this structured roundtable session, presenters from the opening session receive feedback from the Advisory Board of the Leading Utilities of the World. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in the insight exchanges among the world’s preeminent utilities in an intimate setting. Gain insider information about driving progress in the municipal water sector and how utilities can secure even higher levels of performance.

Featured LUOW Members
  • Raveen Jaduram, Watercare, New Zealand



One-2-One Networking Session/Networking Break

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Cocktail Hour


Gala Dinner

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