One-2-One Networking

The American Water Summit brings together the most influential people in the North American water sector. Our agenda maximizes time to network with other delegates, exchange ideas and make new contacts. The One-2-One networking service is your tool to focus your attention on the most important people for your business.

We use a sophisticated meeting service for you to seamlessly arrange your One-2-One meetings. Clicking on the link below will take you to our third-party website where you will be able to see other registered delegates, optimize your profile, and arrange meetings with other delegates. Once you register for the American Water Summit, we will initialize your profile and send you a link to finalize it.

You can browse the delegate lists below for a preview of who you will meet at the American Water Summit.

We believe that the One-2-One Networking sessions are a good opportunity to briefly meet with new delegates to determine common business interests and potential follow-up meetings for partnering. This session has significant importance to delegates that would otherwise not find the opportunity to speak with the important leadership in attendance. The opportunity to become better-informed about the current and forward-thinking objectives of the leaders in our industry is invaluable for our company.

Core & Main

One-2-One Process

Create a Profile

When you register for the American Water Summit, we will send you a link to your profile page on our One-2-One networking service, where you will be able to fill in your details.

Send Out Meeting Requests

Once you finalize your profile, you will be able to browse the full delegates list, search for the people you would like to meet and send out meeting requests. Be sure to reply to any outstanding meeting requests you receive as soon as possible as table numbers are limited!

Arrange to Meet

The person receiving a meeting request will be able to pick the time to meet that is suitable for both parties.

Fill your Networking Schedule

We have made sure that you have enough time for networking during the American Water Summit. Use the One-2-One system to ensure your schedule is full and you get the most out of your conference experience.