Dominique Lueckenhoff

Senior Advisor to the Regional Administrator - on Public-Private Partnerships, Technologies and Market-Based Solutions, EPA
Past Speaker: AWS 2018


As of September 2018, Dominique Lueckenhoff joined the Front Office team on developing, leading, and coordinating strategies and initiatives related to innovative Public Private Partnerships (P3s), next generation technologies and alternative market-based approaches to achieving “faster, cheaper, greener” environmental improvements, holistic watershed protection and community resiliency.
In this capacity, Dominique leads nationally-recognized Mid-Atlantic community-based P3 model applications, delivering large-scale integrated water infrastructure solutions. She provides support to the Regional Administrator in developing and launching high performance partnership-based solutions for small, medium and large communities with regional and national scalability. The department’s objectives are to support local viability and sustainable economic growth while addressing a range of multi-media environmental priorities, including stormwater, nutrients, lead, and emerging environmental public health risks.
In her new Advisor role, Dominique will support institutional capacity and emerging technologies that enable small business and local jobs development related to environmental restoration efforts. Dominique will work with the Region 3 Senior Leadership team to support opportunities that leverage cross-media environmental programs. As a nationally recognized expert, Dominique will apply her knowledge of P3 and alternative market-based approaches to protect and restore environmental resources.
Dominique has over 25 years of multi-programmatic (air, water, land) environmental experience and award-winning program development/management with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). She recently served as Acting Director of the EPA Region 3 Water Protection Division, directing administration and management of all division activities, including funding and oversight, water and wastewater infrastructure funding and sustainability, and innovative public-private partnerships for improved watershed protection and water, wastewater and stormwater infrastructure to protect public health and the environment, while strengthening local economies. For over 12 years, she also has been the region’s senior management champion for the Green Infrastructure (GI) and Urban Waters/Federal Partnership Initiatives in the Mid-Atlantic. Her leadership has helped garner national recognition for Region 3’s GI and sustainable community activities. In 2013, she received EPA’s James W. Craig Pollution Prevention Leadership Award for efforts related to alternative financing and innovative P3s. In 2015, her work on community-based public-private partnerships included creating the first guide of its type (“Community Based Public-Private Partnerships (CBP3s) and Alternative Market-Based Tools for Integrated Green Stormwater Infrastructure”) to support communities implementing large-scale, next-generation, sustainable stormwater infrastructure. Her leadership in advancing innovative, collaborative approaches and technologies is highlighted by her vision and creation of the Gold-Medal Green Highways Partnership (GHP) 10 years ago, and more recently, development and implementation of the nationally recognized Green Streets, Green Jobs, Green Towns (G3) Initiative and Partnership and the Geographic Information System-driven online Watershed Resources Registry tool to enable regulatory streamlining through improved community development and “Faster, Cheaper, Greener” watershed resources management. Her success with the G3 partnership, earned her the EPA National Honor Award for Outstanding Leadership in Collaborative Problem-Solving. As a champion of alternative partnership approaches for delivering, financing and maintaining large-scale stormwater infrastructure with over 40% cost savings and improved performance for communities, she received the 2017 National Council for Public Private Partnerships (NCPPP) Innovative Public Leadership Award. Dominique also serves on the faculty of Virginia Tech’s Center for Leadership in Global Sustainability.