Steve Coffee

President, Produced Water Society


Bringing over 23 years of professional experience to companies as a trusted provider of filtration & separation technologies for produced water in the oil and gas industry. Main roles entail managing sales and marketing for systems integration of produced water treatment equipment and engineering support. Focused on the international arena for offshore and upstream oil production. Areas of expertise include international business, new product and business development and competitive analysis.

I’m very passionate about offering new solutions to the industry to increase production while reducing production costs and meeting environmental responsibilities for oil & gas production companies globally.

Have founded and lead companies such as LAKOS Oil & Gas, Enerscope Systems Inc., Enerscope Systems Malaysia SDN BHD, Enerscope Systems International Inc., and DesanderPro LLC. While predominately in sales, sales management & business development roles over the years, have published 4 articles (Oil & Gas Technology, Oil & Gas Agenda and 2 in World Oil) as well as authored over 22 technical papers. Also, played key roles in several product development teams over the years that have created 12 new products for the market, including downhole technologies.

Current President of the Produced Water Society and an active member in the Society of Petroleum Engineers, TUL NEL Produced Water Club, Neft Oil & Gas and acts as lead on several technical committees.

Specialties include: Filtration Systems for offshore platforms; brine; disposal wells; downhole/ESP protection; fire protection systems; frac/flowback; FWKO protection; heat exchanger protection; pipeline flushing & hydrotesting; pre-filtration; primary produced water; secondary recovery; subsea; EOR, and, SAGD.